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Evidence synthesis communities and the future of evidence-informed conservation

Neal R Haddaway, Matthew J Grainger, Gavin Stewart From computer science to public health, from sustainable agriculture to marine conservation, evidence synthesis is increasingly seen as a vital piece of the decision-making process. Evidence synthesis methodologies are developing rapidly, aided by new technologies that can make synthesis work more efficient. At the same time, communitiesContinue reading “Evidence synthesis communities and the future of evidence-informed conservation”

What evidence matters most in conservation practice?

Dr Anne Mupepele is a Postdoc and Lecturer at the Department of Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology, University of Freiburg Conservation practitioners frequently have to prioritize which actions to take to preserve or restore ecosystems, biodiversity or threatened species.  Calls that such actions should be based on scientific evidence are not new (Stuart 1945; CochraneContinue reading “What evidence matters most in conservation practice?”

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